The Kenneth Black, Jr., Journal Author Award Program recognizes the top three articles published in the Journal of Financial Service Professionals, as determined by an independent panel of judges, based on the originality of the research, clarity, timeliness, and appropriateness for the Journal’s readership.  The award is named for Kenneth Black, Jr., PhD, CLU, who served as editor of the Journal from 1959 to 2000.


First Place:
Kenneth M. Cymbal, JD, LLM, CLU
Private or Family Split-Dollar Arrangements
March 2012

Second Place:
Arthur Tacchino, JD
Health Care Reform’s Effect on the Working Middle Class
May 2012

Third Place:
James R. Allen, Jr., CFP, CLU, ChFC, MSFS, CAP
Estate Planning for the Modern Family
September  2012


First Place:
Matt Vandenack, JD, CLU

Premium Financing: Practical Planning Considerations in the Current Environment
March 2011

Second Place:
Sandra K. Miller, PhD, JD, LLM, CPA and James J. Tucker, III, PhD, CPA

Government Accountability Office and Securities and Exchange Commission Recommendations: Fiduciary Duty and Implications for Insurance Services
September 2011

Third Place:
Louis D’Antonio, MBA, PhD and Tommi Johnsen, PhD

Equity Collars as an Alternative to Debt in Traditional Asset Allocation
July 2011


First Place:
J. Gary Underwood, JD, CLU, ChFC

Trust Ownership of Nonqualified Annuities: General Considerations for Trustees
May 2010

Second Place:
Barbara O’Neill, PhD, CFP, CRPC

Consumer Credit: A Primer for Financial Service Professionals and Their Clients
September 2010

Third Place:
Natalie B. Michalek, JD, CFP

Trust Protector: Roles and Liability
May 2010


First Place:
Kathleen M. Gounaris, PsyD, MBA, and Maurice F. Prout, PhD
for Repairing Relationships and Restoring Trust: Behavioral Finance and the Economic Crisis
July 2009

Second Place:
Steve Vernon, FSA

for Retirement Planning for the Middle Class: Holistic Strategies Will Be Essential
March 2009

Third Place:
Carl M. Rosenfeld,CPA, PFS, CFP, MST and Edd H. Hyde, CFP, CIMA, AIFA

for The Roth Conversion-A Wealth Transfer Strategy for High-Net-Worth Individuals in 2010
November 2009


First Place
Alicia Munnell, PhD

for The Declining Players in the Retirement Income Game: Risks and Policy Implications
March 2008

Second Place
John E. Schiller, JD

for Trustee Liability: A Litigator’s Perspective
November 2008

Third Place
Russell E. Towers, JD, CLU, ChFC

for Leveraging ILITs with Taxable Gifts versus Private Split-Dollar Loans
May 2008


First Place
Moshe A. Milevsky, PhD
for A Gentle Introduction to the Calculus of Sustainable Income: What Is Your Retirement RisQuotient?
July 2007

Second Place
Susan Matour, JD and Maurice F. Prout, PhD
for Psychological Implications of Retirement in the 21st Century
January 2007

Third Place
John T. Adney, JD, Bryan W. Keene, JD and Kirk Van Brunt, JD
for COLI in Congress: New Tax Rules Address Concerns and the Product’s Future
March 2007

First Place
John L. Olsen, CLU, ChFC, AEP

Annuities and S
uitability: Reflections on the State of the Debate

Second Place
Theodore E. Affleck, CLU

fLapsing on Surrender Value: Counterintuitive to Most Perceptions
May 2006

Third Place
Edd H. Hyde, CFP, CIMA, AIFA, and Carl M. Rosenfeld, CPA, PSF, CFP, MST

The New Roth 401(k): An Attractive Alternative to Many, but Not for All

First Place
R. Marshall Jones, JD, CLU, ChFC, AEP, and Lawrence J. Rybka, JD, CFP, for “Guesses, Projections, Promises, and Guarantees,” July 2005

Second Place
P. Susan Moore, CFP, for “Financial Planning for Nontraditional Families,” March 2005

Third Place
George D. Brenner, Esq., for “Retaining Life Insurance Under Estate Tax Reform,” November 2005

First Place
Harold G. Ingraham, Jr., FSA, MAAA, CLU, and Sergio Salani, Esq., “Life Settlements as a Viable Option,” September 2004

Second Place
Eric M. Parmenter, CLU, ChFC, LUTCF, RHU, REBC, “Health Care Benefit Crisis: Cost Drivers and Strategic Solutions,” July 2004.

Third Place
Dickson C. Buxton, CLU, ChFC, and Ronald J. Gilbert, CLU, ChFC, MSFS, “ESOP: A Four-Letter Word? Liquidity and Perpetuation Pros and Cons,” November 2004

First Place
Thomas A. Lechner, PhD, CPA, Bruce W. McClain, JD, LLM, CPA, and Abba Z. Spero, PhD, “New Developments in Tax-Advantaged Financing of Higher Education, ”January 2003

Second Place
Lawrence T. Jones, JD,  “Qualified Long-Term Care Insurance: A Tax Primer,”
March 2003

Third Place
Ron Rowland, CLU, ChFC, FLMIŽ,  “The Brewing Storm: Securities Regulation and Lifetime Settlements,” May 2003

First Place
April K. Caudill, JD, CLU, ChFC, Keeping It Simple:  Opportunities with Safe Harbor 401(k) Plans," July 2002

Second Place
John T. Adney, JD, Bryan W. Keene, JD, and Kirk Van Brunt, JD, "COLI Reconsidered,” November 2002

Third Place
Richard D. Landsberg, JD, LLM, RFC, APM, "Split-Dollar Alchemy: IRS Notice 2002-8 and the Winter of Discontent,” May 2002